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hi. my name is juan. as you can see, i'm a huge david archuleta fan since 2008, and this blog is dedicated to him. <3

david archuleta: discography

18:40pm + 13

reasons to love david archuleta: his shy smile

13:30pm + 17

omg ♥

18:40pm + 22

You can never have too much smiling David, right?

16:50pm + 76
Anónimo Q: fuck, he is just gorgeous *-*

we all know 💙

no caption needed 

12:39pm + 78


x | x

12:31pm + 68
12:31pm + 17

this always will be my favorite perfomance ever from david.

his outfit <3

9:44am + 7
Anónimo Q: where is his new songs?

he is writing and recording for the next album.